Our Services


Custom Deck Building

On Duty ConstructionOn Duty Construction, LLC has been building custom decks for over two “DECKADES.” We specialize in all types of decking, railing and lighting products. Our clients can opt for the traditional wooden decks or can choose from a range of composite decking materials. The railing products we utilize range from wood, vinyl or composite. We work with our customers to familiarize them with the different products and create a deck that is designed to fit their needs along with consideration to environmental factors that impact the enjoyment of the outdoor space. We are certified installers for Timber Tech, Trex and Railing Dynamics.

Deck Repair, Cleaning and Preservation

On Duty Construction, LLC recognizes that a deck is an investment that is designed to last for years of enjoyment and does require maintenance. For as long as we have been building decks, we have been repairing, cleaning and preserving them as well. Holding certifications from “Wolman”, one of the largest deck preserving companies, we pride ourselves in being able to salvage even the worst of decks. Most of our deck cleaning and preserving customers have decks that were either never preserved or not regularly maintained. We not only clean these decks, but replace any boards and rails that have become deteriorated and apply a preservative to provide for years of enjoyment.

Patio Door installation

Along with the demand for decks, we have experienced a rise in the request for patio door installations. Whether it’s replacing an existing door or adding a new slider, we have the experience to handle the job.

Basement Finishing

On Duty Construction, LLC has been finishing basements for over 15 years. We work with our clients and design a living space that is right for them. We complete the job from start to finish including plumbing and electrical.

Unfinished Jobs

On Duty Construction, LLC has the ability to handle all aspects of construction. If there is an unfinished job on your property, talk to our experienced staff and allow us to give you a free quote. With us, you can rest assured that the job is properly completed and within the estimate provided to you.

Licensed New Jersey Realtor

Having over 20 years of construction experience, being a licensed New Jersey Realtor and having a background in Law Enforcement allows me to be a valuable asset in either listing or buying your home. This expertise will not only provide you with valuable insight regarding market trends, improvements needed to elevate your home above others and how to properly protect your personal property when your home is listed. As an affiliate with Remax, feel free to discuss buying and or listing your home and commission is always a negotiable figure and my goal is to provide you with truthful, knowledgeable and assertive service that will get you where you want to be.